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Moonu (Three) Mokkais about the Movie Moonu (3)...

Dear Indru Oru Mokkai Viewers,

Here comes the late... but latest mokkais about the movie '3'. With lot of celebrities like Rajni's daughter, Kamal's daughter, Rajni's son-in-law, many people mistakenly thought this movie '3' as a high budget movie. But, the fact is, this is a very low budget movie. But, it created a big wave after the music release.

So, our Indru Oru Mokkai, presents three different mokkais about the movie '3'. Enjoy the mokkais in both Tamil & English in the below links and share your comments in the comments column...

Mokkai Click the English link below to enjoy the mokkai in English and the Tamil link to enjoy the same in Tamil
காதலருடன் '3' படத்திற்குப் போகவில்லையா?

Not went to the movie '3' with your lover?
'3' படத்திற்குப் போகலாமா?

Shall we go the movie '3'?
ஏன் இந்த கொலை வெறி?

Why this Kolaveri?

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