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7-am arivu mokkai

Dear Indru Oru Mokkai Viewers,

After a long time, Indru Oru Mokkai is coming back with the 7-am arivu mokkai. Hope you all know the news about the box office hit details about 7-am arivu.

After seeing such a big victory from Surya, Shruthi, Murugadoss, Dong Lee & Uthaiyanithi Stalin combination, Indru Oru Mokkai summa irukka? So, find below the mokkais about the movie 7-am arivu. Do post your comments about the mokkai and rate the same.


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1600 வருடங்களுக்கு முன்னால் வாழ்ந்த குடிகாரரைப் பற்றிய ஆராய்ச்சி...

Research about a boozing guy lived 1600 years ago...

7-ஆம் அறிவு தேவையா தற்பொழுது...

Are there any uses of 7-am arivu in this century?

உண்மையான போதிதர்மன் வம்சாவழியினர் யார்?

Who are the real vamsavazhi of Bothaidharman?

7-ஆம் அறிவினால் கிடைத்த திட்டு...

7-am arivu special scoldings

1600 வருடங்களுக்கு முன்னால் ஒரு குடிகாரர் எழுதிய புத்தகம்...

Book written by a Tamilan before 1600 years

7-ஆம் அறிவு இருந்தால் என்ன செய்து கொண்டிருப்போம்?

What will we do if we have 7-am arivu?

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Who is Bothaidharman?

Now, we all aware about Bodhidharma after watching the movie 7-am Arivu and listening the mp3 songs of 7-am Arivu movie. Bodhidharma is a follower of Buddha and went to China.

In the 7-am Arivu movie, Shruthi wants to research about Bodhidharma who lived 1600 years ago. If she wanted to research a boosing guy (குடிகாரர்) lived before 1600 years, what will happen?

View the below mokkai - It's a indruorumokkai.blogspot.com exclusive...

7-am arivu required?

After watching the 7-am Arivu movie, we came to know that 7-am Arivu is required for us. By activating the genetic memory, we can get back the skills had by our ancestors.

But, see below the mokkai which discusses whether 7-am Arivu is required for us or not? How our girls treat a guy with that 7-am Arivu...

Bothaidharman Vamsavazhi

After viewing the 7-am Arivu movie, we all felt proud to know about Bodhidharma... additionally... he is a Tamilan.

In this mokkai, we are going to see the lighter side generation of Bodhidharma

7-am arivu irukka?

This mokkai is about the usual scolding that we get/give 'Arivu irukka'.
While watching the movie 7-am Arivu, the lady scolds her hubby taking the movie as the advantage.

Let us see what is happening...

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Book written by Bothaidharman

After viewing the movie 7-am Arivu, we all came to know that before 1600 years there was a book written by Bodhidharma and it talks about the DNA research.

This mokkai is about the book written by 'Bodhai'dharma...
Enjoy the mokkai...

What will happen if you have 7-am arivu

After viewing the movie 7-am Arivu, we all feel proud about ancient Tamilans and we might had a small thinking about the happenings if we had that 7-am Arivu!

This mokkai is about the thinkings of school children. Enjoy the mokkai and don't forget to post your comments...

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Deepavali Mokkai

Dear Indru Oru Mokkai viewers,

After having a very good Deepavali celebrations, it's high time to read Deepavali Mokkai. Read the Deepavali Mokkai, Deepavali Haiku and also a Deepavali Romantic Mokkai in the below posts...

Post comments and share the posts with your friends...

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Other Deepavali mokkais below...

Deepavali Haiku

This mokkai is about the reason behind the history of Deepavali celebrations. Narahasuran is one who requested Lord Krishna to celebrate Deepavali by all the people at the time of his death. We need to light lamps in our home as per the purana. But, how people interpreted this? Read this mokkai and hope this will light up your mind...

Deepavali Romantic Haiku

Here comes, a romantic Deepavali Mokkai. This mokkai can be used by lovers who likes to wish their Girl Friends. This is such a good Deepavali wish.

Please post your comments below to know about your thoughts and mind set.

Fans of Thalapathy Vs Ilaya Thalapathy

This mokkai is about the fans of Thalapathy Vs Ilaya Thalapathy. This photo is captured myself in Anna Nagar - 100 feet Road near Thirumangalam signal. Indru Oru Mokkai not only focus about Mokkai but also about society...

Since both are in politics, their fans are taking advantage and escapes from Traffic Police. This is a real time example for this... Isn't it?

Share your views about this in the comments column below...

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Samacheer Kalvi Mokkai

Hope you all know about the comedy things happening for implementing Samacheer Kalvi. So, Indru Oru Mokkai uses this topic for today's mokkai. Enjoy this Samacheer Kalvi Mokkai...

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One more milestone of Indru Oru Mokkai

Hope you all aware about the milestones crossed by our Indru Oru Mokkai.

Now, we've crossed another milestone. Yes! Our post is displayed in Times of India's website.

Our post about Veerappan displayed in Times of India website. The screenshot is available below.

Thanks to my dear friends and viewers. Because of you, I am able to reach this. Please continue the support...

Our article is available in the URL, http://indruorumokkai.blogspot.com/2010/02/who-is-veerappan.html

To view this Times of India article visit, http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/Veerappan/photos

Firewall Comedy

Hope you all are aware about 'what is a firewall' and using best firewall in your Organisation.

Technically, a firewall is a device or set of devices designed to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and is frequently used to protect networks from unauthorized access while permitting legitimate communications to pass.

So, being a Indru Oru Mokkai viewer, we should know about the first firewall in the world. Enjoy this Firewall Comedy... sorry... Firewall Mokkai!

Don't forget to enter your comments below...

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Pizza Naming Reason

While eating our favourite pizza either from Pizza Hut or from Mc Donalds or from other shops do you ever thought how pizza got its name?

Atleast at the time of Pizza deliver or while ordering pizza online or while getting free pizza coupons or 50% OFF pizza coupons, do you wanted to know how our favourite Pizza got it's name?

It's simple. Just read below the mokkai. Also, post your comments about this mokkai in the comments column and rate this mokkai below...

Mokkai shared by our reader...

Funny Traffic Violation in Chennai

This page is an example to show the situation of 'Feedback Mechanism' in India. This photo is captured at Thoraipakkam, The OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), Chennai.

The intimation behind the vehicle instructs us to intimate at the time of traffic violations. But few digits in the contact numbers are erased intentionally so that the process will be there and no one can follow that! How is this? Namma 3011 vanthalum thiruntha maatom-la? L

Indru Oru Mokkai readers can share their comments in the Comments column available below this post

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How God saves our people living in Beasant Nagar

Do you want to know how God Vinayaka saves the people living in Beasant Nagar, Chennai? Read below...

இறைவன் இவ்வுலகை மட்டுமா காக்கிறார்?
இந்த Fuse Box கூடத் தான்!

விநாயகர் படத்தை வைத்து, அவரே இவ்வுலகைக் காக்கிறார் (including electricity problems) என்பதைப் போல் தோன்ற வைத்த அந்த நபரின் Presence of mind பார்த்து வியந்தேன்.

இடம் : பெசன்ட் நகர், எலியட்ஸ் பீச் அருகே...

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