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7-am arivu mokkai

Dear Indru Oru Mokkai Viewers,

After a long time, Indru Oru Mokkai is coming back with the 7-am arivu mokkai. Hope you all know the news about the box office hit details about 7-am arivu.

After seeing such a big victory from Surya, Shruthi, Murugadoss, Dong Lee & Uthaiyanithi Stalin combination, Indru Oru Mokkai summa irukka? So, find below the mokkais about the movie 7-am arivu. Do post your comments about the mokkai and rate the same.


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1600 வருடங்களுக்கு முன்னால் வாழ்ந்த குடிகாரரைப் பற்றிய ஆராய்ச்சி...

Research about a boozing guy lived 1600 years ago...

7-ஆம் அறிவு தேவையா தற்பொழுது...

Are there any uses of 7-am arivu in this century?

உண்மையான போதிதர்மன் வம்சாவழியினர் யார்?

Who are the real vamsavazhi of Bothaidharman?

7-ஆம் அறிவினால் கிடைத்த திட்டு...

7-am arivu special scoldings

1600 வருடங்களுக்கு முன்னால் ஒரு குடிகாரர் எழுதிய புத்தகம்...

Book written by a Tamilan before 1600 years

7-ஆம் அறிவு இருந்தால் என்ன செய்து கொண்டிருப்போம்?

What will we do if we have 7-am arivu?

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Who is Bothaidharman?

Now, we all aware about Bodhidharma after watching the movie 7-am Arivu and listening the mp3 songs of 7-am Arivu movie. Bodhidharma is a follower of Buddha and went to China.

In the 7-am Arivu movie, Shruthi wants to research about Bodhidharma who lived 1600 years ago. If she wanted to research a boosing guy (குடிகாரர்) lived before 1600 years, what will happen?

View the below mokkai - It's a indruorumokkai.blogspot.com exclusive...

7-am arivu required?

After watching the 7-am Arivu movie, we came to know that 7-am Arivu is required for us. By activating the genetic memory, we can get back the skills had by our ancestors.

But, see below the mokkai which discusses whether 7-am Arivu is required for us or not? How our girls treat a guy with that 7-am Arivu...

Bothaidharman Vamsavazhi

After viewing the 7-am Arivu movie, we all felt proud to know about Bodhidharma... additionally... he is a Tamilan.

In this mokkai, we are going to see the lighter side generation of Bodhidharma

7-am arivu irukka?

This mokkai is about the usual scolding that we get/give 'Arivu irukka'.
While watching the movie 7-am Arivu, the lady scolds her hubby taking the movie as the advantage.

Let us see what is happening...

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Book written by Bothaidharman

After viewing the movie 7-am Arivu, we all came to know that before 1600 years there was a book written by Bodhidharma and it talks about the DNA research.

This mokkai is about the book written by 'Bodhai'dharma...
Enjoy the mokkai...

What will happen if you have 7-am arivu

After viewing the movie 7-am Arivu, we all feel proud about ancient Tamilans and we might had a small thinking about the happenings if we had that 7-am Arivu!

This mokkai is about the thinkings of school children. Enjoy the mokkai and don't forget to post your comments...

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