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Dear Visitors,

I am receiving lot of comments/suggestions from various people that  it'll be very helpful if the mokkais are posted in English. Even though they are able to enjoy the mokkai, they are unable to forward the mokkais to their friends who don't know to read Tamil (but they know and speak Tamil).

Considering this, here after, all the mokkais will be published in English also. But, the first preference is for Tamil since I am a Tamilan. The mokkais will be posted in both Tamil and English so all the audience can enjoy my mokkais.

So, as usual, enjoy the mokkai and share it with your friends. Because, as you know, our theme is 'a mokkai a day, keeps Doctor away!'

Please find below some of the mokkais about the movie Osthi. Being a great fan of Silambarasan, I am writing the mokkai. So, I am sure, this will not hurt Young Super Star STR's fans. So, let's enjoy the mokkais in both Tamil & English.

Osthi Mokkai - Only on Indru Oru Mokkai!

Mokkai Click the English link below
to enjoy the mokkai in English
and the Tamil link to enjoy the same in Tamil

What's wrong in singing
'Cute Pondati' song?

'வாடி வாடி க்யூட் பொண்டாட்டி'
பாடல் பாடினால் என்ன தவறு?
Yela! Nan Kannadi maathiri-la...

ஏல! நான் கண்ணாடி மாதிரி-ல...

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