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OSTHI - Cute Pondati Mokkai (in English)

One more song to prove the talent of our Young Super Star is the 'Cute Pondati' song. As he told in the audio release function, even though he is not married, he is able to think about his wife and dedicated this song to his future wife.

The lyrics are excellent and this proves the love that our STR will show to his future wife. Also, this is the song every one is murmuring now.

But, the guy in the below mokkai sang the song and every one started to whack him. Want to know why? Read below to know the answer and enjoy the mokkai...

Cute Pondati Mokkai - Only on Indru Oru Mokkai!

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Life Saviours said...

Hyo Rama ivaru kudellam en ena kootu sekkura???

Brownie Cookbook said...

Lovve this