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Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Mokkai

Dear Indru Oru Mokkai readers,

This is a mokkai about the movie 'Vazhakku Enn 18/9'. while everybody is appreciating the movie, Indru Oru Mokkai wrote this mokkai after inspiration. So, I request the fans of this movie to enjoy the mokkai in both Tamil and English and write your comments in the below column.

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Mokkai - Only in Indru Oru Mokkai!

Mokkai Click the English link below
to enjoy the mokkai in English
and the Tamil link to enjoy the same in Tamil
Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Mokkai (in English)

வழக்கு எண் 18/9 மொக்கை (தமிழில்)

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