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15 November 2010

Enthiran Movie Problem - Solved

Hope you all watched the movie 'Enthiran' in theatres. The Robo Chitti started loving Sana (Aishwarya Rai) and that is the reason behind all the problems.

As an IT Guy, we are having solution for this. Just by adding a small and simple code, the problem may be fixed. How? Read below...

This post is made just for fun. This is only for fun and to be viewed in the angle of an IT Guy. This is not a site for Endhiran songs download or Enthiran movie download or Enthiran video download. Buy original audio CDs and watch the movie in theaters. It's rocking the globe!

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29 October 2010

Interesting and funny things happening in Chennai

Indru Oru Mokkai presents some of the interesting, funny and mokkai things happening in Chennai

Viewers of Indru Oru Mokkai are requested to enjoy the blog and post their comments.

A display in the gate of a house at Kodambakkam. Seems that this flat people affected a lot bola...
Chennai people - konjam thirunthunga please...

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22 August 2010

My Marriage

My Marriage...

Marriages are made in Heaven! But, for me, both 'match'es and marriages are made in Sivakasi!

Yes! I am going to marry Saranya Sree on 05-Sep-2010 which is Teacher's Day on a sunday. i request all the Indru Oru Mokkai blog viewers to wish us to receive all the 32 selvams (16 x 2 = 32 thane? :-))

Our viewers can see some of the stages of our marriage...

02-May-2010 - This is the day we meet each other for the first time in a temple at Sivakasi. Immediately, after seeing, our parents said OK and had a Vagdana function. So, without any proper plan, everything happened suddenly... The Vagdana function happened without a camera in hand... This shows how this happened unplanned.

Then, using the technologies (internet & telephone), our love grown and our marriage is here...

Find below our marriage invitation.

18 April 2010

Sania Mirza Marriage Funny Jokes

The latest hottest topic is Sania Mirza'a marriage and the problems that she faced. So, Indru Oru Mokkai uses this topic for mokkai and find below some of the mokkai jokes about Sania Mirza's marriage.

Note to Sania Mirza's fans -

This is just only for fun. I am also a fan of Sania Mirza. So, just, read, laugh and share your views on this. Indru Oru Mokkai Blog viewers are requested not to take these funny jokes serious...

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05 April 2010

Interesting Marriage Invitations

Please find some of the interesting and funny marriage invitations below. This shows the mind set is changing slowly from the classical yellow and pink invitations. Marriage Invitation is an one time activity in your life. So, think out of box and do something innovative so that your marriage will be remembered through out your life!

Orkut Wedding Invitation

Laptop Wedding Invitation

Sweet Marriage Invitation

Zoo Zoo Marriage Invitation

Funny Marriage Invitation
This invitation makes the people to do 'match the following' to identify the date and venue of their marriage. Good Thinking...

Disaster Marriage Invitation

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02 April 2010

Maaya Aunty became Maayandi

What will happen if Maaya Aunty wants to see the movie Maayandi Kudumbathar?

Enjoy the karpanai in the below mokkai...

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01 April 2010

Best Day to propose

Find below the best and best way to propose a girl or guy...
Follow this and succeed in your love life...
Indru Oru Mokkai wishes all the girls and guys to find a place in their sweet heart! All the Best!

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29 March 2010

Earth Hour Jokes

Hope you all are aware about Earth Hour 60 and switched off your lights on 27-Mar-2010 from 08:30PM to 09:30PM.

After such a great campaign, our Indru Oru Mokkai Blog summa irukkuma? Just enjoy the below Earth Hour Mokkai Jokes...

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27 March 2010

What will happen if cute girls start Working From Home? A Haiku Paarvai!

இது வரை வெறும் மொக்கை மட்டும் போட்டு வந்த நமது Indru Oru Mokkai Blog, ஒரு மாறுதலுக்காக, உணர்ச்சி பொங்கும் குறுங்கவிதைகளை (Haiku-களை) update செய்கிறது...

அழகான பெண்கள் 'Work From Home' Option-ai select செய்தால் என்ன ஆகும்? மேலே (கீழே) படியுங்கள்...

Work From Home Option is a very good and cheaper solution for all the Organisations. It results in effective utilization of resources, cost cutting in the way of electricity, internet usage, water/AC usage and lot of other things. But, how it affects the employees? If we come to know that our cute colleagues will not come to office for a couple of months, what will happen? How that affects our mind and productivity? Read below the Karpanai Haikus...

No logic in the Haikus. Only 'Feel' is important. Some of the Haikus are my real time personal experiences too...

This is already uploaded in my Orkut profile and some of my friends are aware about these Haikus. But, this is uploaded in the blog, to reach ulagengilum ulla namathu Indru Oru Mokkai Blog Rasigarlal...

How are my Haikus? Share your views on this...

25 March 2010

Mokkai Murali Rasigar Mandram

What will happen if Indru Oru Mokkai Blog didn't talk about Actor Murali?

Find below the advertisement published in Daily Thanthi at the time of Deepavali...

aiyo... aiyo... sema comedy... sorry... sema mokkai!

Murali fans - kindly excuse...

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23 March 2010

Save the 1411 tigers in India

Hope you all are aware about the Aircel's initiative towards saving the tigers. Currently there are only 1411 tigers in India.

As per some analysis, our national animal tiger Vs man ratio in India is 0.0012% (1411 tigers and 1.2 Billion People) Source : www.chetanbhawani.com

So, after getting such a nice topic, Indru Oru Mokkai summa irukkuma? We used this 1411 tiger subject for mokkai. Enjoy the mokkai joke...

Visit the website www.saveourtigers.com to help the tigers to live in India, to support this and to Join the roar! Please save our tigers by participating in the 1411 tigers campaign.

Find the painting below. I was amazed to see such an excellent art. Painting of a tiger in a girl's body. Hope this post is a good treat for people who loves mokkai as well as art!

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22 March 2010

Paa in Tamil

Hope you heard about the Blockbuster movie 'Paa' and enjoyed the same in cinema theaters.

If that movie is remade in Tamil, what will be the situation?

Find below the karpanai remake by the actors and their fathers of Simbu, Surya, Vijay and Vijayakanth.

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20 March 2010

Error Vs Warning!

A Software Engineer's girlfriend is advising him about the harmful effects of smoking and the statutory warning printed in the Cigarette Box. How will this guy react? Read the mokkai below...

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19 March 2010

About the owner of Indru Oru Mokkai Blog

Dear Indru Oru Mokkai Blog Readers,

Hope you all are enjoying our blog! Our Indru Oru Mokkai Blog is one of the blogs for mokkai, mokkai and only mokkai. The entire world is aware about this! But. what about the owner of this blog? How will be the person who is updating the best mokkai jokes daily?

OK. I don't want to maintain suspense still. I am enclosing my interview during my college days below. People from Kalki magazine interviewed me and the same is published in the 13-Jan-2002 edition of Kalki on the day of Pongal.

(if you feel the font size is small and difficult to read, click the image to get a bigger and better view...)

How am I and how is my interview? Share your views by commenting...

17 March 2010

Inauguration of the new Secretariat Building - Jokes

The grand opening of new secretariat building at Chennai is the hottest topic. Even though, the building has lot of new features like state-of-art green architecture, maximum utilization of direct sunlight, recycling of water etc., the building was inaugurated in a 'rushed' manner. i.e. the building is not completed yet. Due to various 'reasons', it was inaugurated so early before the completion.

So, Indru Oru Mokkai blog uses the subject 'New Secretariat Building at Chennai' for today's mokkai.

Find below some of the mokkais prepared by me. Don't forget to share your views by commenting...

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